Sunday, July 7, 2013

Vy got a make-over.

After about 20 different runs, Matt and I finally got Vy her Valorous Aegis Battlegear set (Tier 8 Raid set from Ulduar 10 man). I am super happy with this Xmog. The Judgment Armor (Tier 2 Raid) is what I usually wear, but I just needed a change. I will probably end up going back to because I do LOVE it.

AFTER -- Valorous Aegis Battlegear (Tier 8 Raid set from Ulduar 10 Man)
Head - Valorous Aegis Helm
Chest - Valorous Aegis Battleplate
Shoulders - Valorous Aegis Shoulderplates
Legs - Valorous Aegis Legplates
Waist - Blinding Girdle of Truth
Feet - Silver Sabatons of Fury
Weapon - Quel'Delar, Might of the Faithful

 BEFORE -- Judgement Armor (Tier 2 Raid set)

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